About Us
Pet Lovers Centre is collectively the largest and only pet care retail chain in South East Asia.

The PLC group is headquartered in Singapore.

A household name today, PLC has been and continues to delight pet owners and pets alike ever since it was founded in 1973. That’s because shopping at PLC is all about value and offers that just keep getting better and better. And that’s on top of the widest and freshest range of products you can ever find. With prompt, friendly and helpful service to boot. As a matter of fact, it’s a shopping experience that’s nothing short of award-winning.

You and your pet deserve the most out of life. To help you attain that, PLC has become the standard bearer for responsible pet ownership. Everything we do for you is centred on this noble principle. That’s why PLC created financial aid to help people in Singapore to adopt a pet rather than buy one. Wearing our heart on our sleeve, we also formed the Pet Lovers Foundation in 2009 to serve “Pets, People and our Planet”.

Vision, Mission & Core Values
Our Promise
Our Commitment
Our Vision

To make the PLC Group Asia-Pacific’s leader in pet care services.

Our Mission

To translate the love and passion for pets into true value. We do this by offering pets and pet lovers quality products and services, highly accessible care and fun experiences.

Our Core Values
Adhere to moral values. Incorruptible.
Courteous. Conscientious. Business-like.
Do the right thing, and do it right the first time.
Each has an important role that contributes to the whole.
Create happy customers; and keep them for life.
Passion is our commitment.
Our Pet Advisors are qualified to give you the best advice on pet care.
A wide variety
We bring you the latest range of products on the market.
You can expect friendly, helpful and knowledgeable service for you and your pet.
Our stocking policy and turnover ensure you are satisfied with the freshness and quality of our products
In-store or online shopping
For your convenience, we have more than 100 regional locations and 24-hour online shopping.
On time
We don’t just deliver to your home—we deliver promptly.
No compromise on exchange policy
You are allowed to exchange* products within 7 days. * Original receipt and packaging are required. Terms and Conditions apply.