Franchising opportunities
We are looking for franchisees for countries in Asia and beyond.

Pet Lovers Centre (PLC) is the largest pet-care retail and service chain in Asia outside Japan. Founded in 1973, we a strong network of over a 150 stores across five countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, and Vietnam, and we continue to grow.

The thrust of the brand’s success is our passion for pet care, backed up by a seamless backend made possible by state-of-the-art retail management technology. If you want to build a pet-care retail and service chain in your market, taking up the PLC franchise is the natural choice. PLC has withstood the test of time for more than half a century. The know-how expedites your effort to become a leader in your market.

Over the years, we have steadily grown to become the market leader in Singapore. With over 60 stores on the island republic, almost all pet lovers are our customers, and many are our ardent fans.

PLC endears our customers with a full suite of products and services, making pet ownership easy and enjoyable. At the core of our offerings is our retail arm, known for its range, quality, and freshness. It covers some of the most coveted brands from different parts of the world that PLC offers exclusively. Knowing that the customers need more than just products, we never let up our customer service, enabled by the most generous training hours in the industry. At the same time, we also provide veterinary-trained pet-care consultants to answer more in-depth questions about pet care.

As a retail brand, PLC operates from excellent locations but does not stop at that. We enhance our business with a strong Internet presence and a highly efficient home delivery. In addition to retail, we complement our offering with a wide range of services, from grooming, veterinary clinics, and boarding to pet transport. We have invested heavily over the years to ensure reliable services to the customers. So much so that our brand has earned its praises from the Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, during the 2021 May-Day speech.

Qualifications such as the following will be advantageous:

Passion for pet-care


Experience in retail, especially management of chain stores


Ready to open a number of stores to establish a market presence

You will receive training and support in implementing the system and ongoing support to help grow the business.

On our priority are countries in South East Asia, such as Indonesia.
We are also looking for franchise partners for China and India.

How to apply and get in touch:
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Send us an email with your company background and a brief plan for the business development

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A Pet Lovers Centre franchise representative will soon contact you for discussion. We look forward to hearing from you.