Making A Difference
Amanda Tan
Home Delivery Officer
This year marks my 9th year with PLC.

My duties include assigning job scopes to staffs and provide guidance to them when they are unsure of their work. I get a sense of fulfilment when I can be part of the journey that help my teammates grow and excel in their work. To work effectively as a team, it is important for members to communicate and mutual trust. Hence, I appreciate their honesty and openness in sharing the challenges they face in and outside of work with me as it helped me understand how to support them better.

PLC is a company that provides many growth opportunities. In PLC, we have many chances to learn and sharpen different skillset to support our customers better. We always provide proper guidance to help our new hires in their development at work.
Guo Wei
Retail Supervisor
Hi, my name is Guo Wei. I have worked with PLC for 9 years. As a Retail Supervisor, my duties is to manage and supervise Retail Assistant. Making sure that their work are done in order. I am also tasked to train new Retail Assistant. My greatest satisfactions is to see the Retail Assistant well trained with product knowledge, customer service skills and having good bonding with each other in the outlet. PLC is a fun working environment and is a place where all pet lovers can share their experience with one another.
Shawn Boo
Senior Online Business Executive
My work involves managing daily e-commerce operations to ensure customer satisfaction and smooth internal operations. This gives me the opportunity to work with the stakeholders from the various departments, the account managers of the various online marketplaces, and external vendors supporting the website.

Working here include having to work in a fast-paced environment where there is diversity in the pool of talents. This allows me to garner different perspectives from colleagues in different domains in order to address a business need holistically.
Another perk would be the chance of being exposed to companies at the forefront of technology innovation, which allows for growth and learning.

PLC is a dynamic environment where the latest technological advancements are prioritised, come join us!