Pet Lovers Foundation
Free Coffee Sunday (FCS)

Since 2016, Pet Lovers Foundation (PLF) has partnered with Free Coffee Sunday (FCS), serving food & beverages to the migrant community on a monthly basis.

FCS is a private endeavour, formed in 2008, with a social mission project to help reach out to the migrant community, consisting mainly of casual/manual workers, at the Our Lady of Lourdes Church grounds.  The objectives of FCS are:

  • Outreach to the migrants who are many miles away from their loved ones
  • To build “a giving community”
  • To bring alive the principle of “respect and dignity of the individual”

Currently, FCS does the same food & beverage distribution on the last Sunday of every month to about 400-500 migrants, regardless of faith & nationality.  On top of this, FCS also organises an annual Christmas party for the migrants which PLF has been sponsoring the goodie bags over the last 5 years.

With the partnership of FCS, PLF hopes not only to give back to the “pet” but also to the “people” community, which is in line with PLC’s mission of serving pets, people & planet.


St Anthony’s Church (Andhra Pradesh, India)

COVID-19 has brought about challenging times for many people in Singapore.  Some businesses struggle to survival and jobs in many industries are affected. Our working migrants are not spared.

Many of them, whether alone or with families, face the anxieties of visa renewals, job uncertainties and loss of incomes from unpaid salaries.

Even our monthly food distribution project to some 500 Indian migrants has temporarily ceased.

Our 2020 efforts included joining donors in preparing 200 grocery packs containing daily cooking essentials and 100 toiletries bags. These were received by 100 migrant families. 200 workers (on-site at an MRT project) also received toiletries bags for their daily use.All were very surprised and happy to be remembered especially during these difficult times.

In Oct 2020, PLF also extended its support to some 250 Indian families in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Funds donated were mostly used to purchase food essentials for the needy families greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many villagers received them with much gratitude as some were even saved from starvation.

PLF continues to stay focused in its corporate social responsibility mission – to be compassionate and to always remember the less fortunate in our midst.