Pet Lovers Foundation
Lost A Pet?

Losing a pet is a nightmare for all pet owners! If this happens, don’t panic. Stay calm and composed. Pet Lovers Centre (PLC) has a Lost & Found Facebook group with over 700 members. You can post an SOS message there (along with a picture of your pet and a contact number) and you will have a lot of helpful eyes in the community on the lookout for your loved one.

To further increase the chances of finding your pet, follow these steps:
Step 1
Call the SPCA at 6287 5355 to report your missing pet.
Step 2
Call the Animal Response Centre (ARC) at 1800 4761600 as they may have already found your pet.
Step 3
Create “Lost Pet” flyers. Mention the breed, sex, size, colour and specific characteristics that can easily distinguish your pet. Use fonts that are legible from a distance. Remember to include a photo of your pet and your contact number.
Step 4
Focus your search in the right places and time. Pets can hide or drift off to the most unlikely places within the house, compound or neighbourhood. Lost pets are often scared. Therefore, they tend to hide away during the day. Choose the best time and use the right gears based on your pet’s behaviour and temperament.
Step 5
Persistent and thorough search is the key to finding your pet.
Step 6
Enlist the help of as many people as possible. You will be surprised just how willing people are to help in finding your lost pet. All you need is to ask friends, neighbours, family, street cleaners, security guards, etc. Furnish them with actionable details and search aids such as flyers of your lost pet. As mentioned earlier, post on PLC’s Lost & Found Facebook group as well.
Step 7
It is always polite to inform your search team once you find your pet. Post an update on our Facebook group and other appropriate media, take down the notices you had put up, and thank everyone who helped.
Always Keep Your Pet Safe!
Step 1
Secure your yard so your pet doesn’t wander off the property. Avoid leaving them outside without supervision.
Step 2
Always keep your dog leashed when out in public. Make sure collars and leashes are in good condition and fit correctly.
Step 3
Use identification tags with your phone number and/or address engraved on it. Although you may feel uncomfortable leaving your details on your pet, it makes it easy for someone to call you if your missing pet comes their way.
Step 4
License your dog. Furnishing the authorities with details of your pet increases your chances of recovering him or her if lost.