BRING YOUR OWN BAG For Pets, People and our Planet. Making A Difference Every Day!

COVID-19 has impacted global production in many industries, and Pet Lovers Centre’s biodegradable plastic bags have not been spared either.

For this reason, our usual BYOB initiative is now extended to Every Day of the week. Bring your own bag when you shop with us. You can also purchase a reusable BYOB shopping bag from us for only $1 and use it whenever you shop for your essentials.

Should you still require a plastic bag, each biodegradable plastic bag* issued (subject to availability) will cost S$0.10, with full proceeds going to Pet Lovers Foundation to support our work on behalf of pets, people and planet.

Thank you for making a difference Every Day.

*S$0.10 per reusable plastic bag, regardless of size.

Amount collected since inception of campaign in September 2018: (updated in Oct 2020)